Procedural retargeted facial BlendShapes

Our blendshape injection system automatically injects more than 200 expression blendshapes, which are professionally retargeted to match the specific topology and morphology of your humanoid`s head model. (Works with scanned heads, photorealistic head models and cartoonish characters.)

Easy and FACS accurate BlendShapes

Our blendshapes (also known as morph targets) cover the full spectrum of the facial muscular deformations, visemes and emotions. They are built from FACS 3d head scans, guaranteeing homogeneous geometric displacements without artifacts. After our custom software does its magic, our team does a manual pass on each blendshape in order to guarantee the maximum quality.

Procedural Body Rigging

Our custom software automatically generates the bones for your characters body, skins and rigs it using the best techniques out there

Easily swap animations

The body rig is Maya Human IK Rig Ready, which means you can swap animations in the blink of an eye!

Sticky dots facial rig

Easily create facial animation either through manual key framing or with advanced mocap software like Faceware!


After the process is complete, we send back the rigged model in fbx format compatible with Maya.

Service Details

  • Professional blendshapes

    Blendshapes created from the analysis of scanned human expressions by our team of experts.

  • Works with any topology

    We can inject and retarget our blendshapes into any humanoid head regardless of topology or UV`s. Note: The quality of the final product might be influenced by your characters topology.

  • Share facial animations

    If all your projects characters will use our blendshapes, you will easily be able to share the animations between them.

  • Maya Human IK Rig Ready

    Easily swap mocap animations on your character.

  • How does this service work?

    Just upload your character, and you will receive a fbx version of it within 24 hours with 200+ blendshapes. If your character has eyelashes, brows or other facial hair you must add to the cart “Facial Hair Adaptation”. In that case we can also inject the blendshapes into the facial hair geometry.

  • What do I upload?

    A humanoid model with the head in neutral pose (eyes open and mouth shut). If you have facial hair geometry you need to add that service to the cart.

    Different geometries (Brows, Lashes, Head, Clothes) should not be combined.

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