Professional services for 3D artists and studios.

ArkStudios offers wide range of services and tools for 3D artists and studios meant to save lots of work hours. With our online platform you can get a fully rigged character with 200+ blendshapes, in less than 24 hours. Our tools are also available for purchase, which will enable you to rig and inject blendshapes into an unlimited number of characters.

Blendshapes Injection

Upload your model and get 200+ blendshapes injected into your humanoid head model. Our artists will check every blendshape and fix any problems that might appear during the first automated stage!

Compatibility: FBX supporting software

$200.00Add to cart

Body skinning and rigging

Upload your model and get it skinned and rigged using the latest techniques (baked deltamush skinning / simple to use body rig). Maya Human IK Rig Ready (apply animations with ease!)

Compatibility: Maya 2016+

$100.00Add to cart

Full body and head setup

Upload your humanoid and get it back fully rigged (both face and body). Maya Human IK Rig Ready, 200+ Rigged Blendshapes (Every blendshape is checked by our artists for top quality)

Compatibility: Maya 2016+

$500.00Add to cart

Custom Services and Tools.


If you have a custom project, feel free to contact us through our website!

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